Continental Showcases New Autonomous Car Technology

According to recent articles, Google’s autonomous car chief reported that the company’s autonomous technology should be available to consumers in the next five years.

The revelation came right after a bill that makes driving autonomous vehicles legal in the state was signed by the California governor. In spite of the lack of details regarding Google’s plans, the technology is now closer to become a more popular thing than ever before. Recently, the company Continental showcased some of its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems by demonstrating that the technology is advancing considerably, which could be the result of a more aggressive autonomous vehicle agenda.

Continental has shown that 360-degree cameras are some of the components that have been used in the developing of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle technology. According to some of the news agencies, the company has been working on a prototype of a vehicle that would make accidents much more rare. According to the reports, the company is hoping to go for a zero-percent accident rate with its new project.

Some of the features observed in this new prototype include pedestrian protection technology, emergency brake assist, adaptive cruise control, etc.
Reports show that, in Vienna, the European Union hopes to discuss the issue concerning the autonomous car technology in order to come up with a plan regarding the introduction of the technology. Hopefully, lawmakers will pay attention to a series of possible liability issues before allowing the technology to be available to consumers.

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