Consumer Watchdog: Detachable Car Seats Might Not Be Very Safe

child car safetyFor a parent, nothing is more important than their children. But too often, parents have the illusion that they are securing their child. That’s because the seat they are using is not exactly safe.

According to tests conducted by Consumer Reports, only 4 percent of the dummies in rear-facing car safety seats of the convertible variety banged their heads against the seat ahead while more than half of the dummies in rear-facing detachable seats suffered head injuries.

While the laws will vary from state to state, infants and young children should always ride in car safety seats. While infants start in the rear-facing detachable seats, convertible seats are the next on the list when the child gets a little bigger. Convertible seats are either rear- or front- facing and they usually last longer than other seats.

As a result of the tests, Consumer Reports claims, many parents should think twice before opting for another type of seat. What they should do instead is to focus on moving their children from their former seat to a convertible seat by the baby’s first birthday, even if he or she hasn’t outgrown the detachable seat. Instead of waiting, Consumer Reports experts say, do it right away since you will have to switch to a new one any way.

One of the reasons for the quick switch, safety experts say, is that the convertible seats are more durable, making them safer and more protective in the event of a crash.

While the detachable seat is more practical for parents and caregivers, safety should always come before convenience.

While parents are urged to follow the local laws concerning car safety seat use, they are also urged to read more about the different car seat models before settling on a brand or specific design.
Consumer Reports carries its own studies on a series of products, including car safety seats. But looking at how the car safety seats perform in other tests as well as the Consumer Reports’ tests could give you a better idea of what to look for.

If you’re serious about your child’s safety and you would like to know more about the test carried out by Consumer Reports, follow this link to read more.

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