Company Expands Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign

While drivers across the country work on developing their own events and programs to help put an end to distracted driving, AT&T has been traveling the nation with its It Can Wait campaign.
During events organized by the service provider, young drivers and teens learn about the potential risks associated with distracted driving.

AT&T was one of the first companies in the cellular technology field to have focused on distracted driving crash prevention. As part of its nationwide campaign, the company hopes to teach drivers and young teens who are just now learning how to drive and how to avoid accidents about the importance of always focusing on the road and never ignoring potential risks. But while in the beginning of the campaign, AT&T focused on the issues associated with texting while driving, the campaign now targets all types of distraction.

The simulator used in the events organized by the company help students to learn more about how being distracted while driving can lead to serious accidents.

During the last event, students involved claimed to have had eye-opening experiences while using the simulator. At some point, a student claimed, distraction caused her to nearly crash into a man pushing a stroller. But since the entire incident had happened in a controlled environment, the teen simply learned an important lesson about never being distracted while behind the wheel.

While AT&T’s efforts are important because they inspire teens to tell others about their experiences and discoveries, many drivers who are not entirely inexperienced are still wrongly convinced that they are immune to the risks associated with distracted driving.

Drivers should use this opportunity to learn more about the risks associated with distracted driving. As young, inexperienced drivers learn more about how they should proceed to avoid distracted driving crashes, others may learn through these events by checking out the progress AT&T has made.

If you are curious to know more about the latest event sponsored by the service provider, watch the video below or follow this link. In the meantime, stay safe by focusing on the road ahead.

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