CHP Wants Teens, Parents to Drive Safely

car crash avoidanceCalifornia drivers are constantly exposed to risks due to the high volume of motorists, motorcycle riders, and bicyclists sharing the road. When drivers are not paying attention to what they are doing, or they are simply overwhelmed due to the fact that they have to split their attention between the road, their phone, and other distracting activities, accidents occur.

If drivers are not trained to identify the potential risks and know how to avoid them, accidents are more likely to happen. With that in mind, countless law enforcement groups across the country often put their focus on important efforts to bring education and awareness to local drivers. Especially if they are young and inexperienced.

Recently, the California Highway Patrol decided to boost safety and help to keep the number of car crashes to a minimum by launching another of its free “Start Smart” driving course, which targets teens and their parents. The educational effort comes at the right time, considering at least one teenager is killed in a traffic crash every four hours nationwide while about 184,000 teens also get injured in traffic crashes each year. But if this piece of statistics is not enough to scare you, keep in mind that teens are more likely to die in auto crashes than people in any other age group old enough to drive.

The Start Smart program developed by CHP focuses on teaching teens and their parents about traffic safety, offering comprehensive information that helps them to avoid crashes. Many of the techniques employed by the CHP are innovative, making it hard for teens in attendance to become distracted by anything outside of the program.

Some of the important subjects the CHP touches on includes information on collision statistics, the behavior of the teen driver, and the behaviors of passengers. CHP educators also cover important information on the various changes drivers have faced over the years and how they impact them daily.

To many safety advocates, parents should keep in mind that when they have a strong role in educating their children and making sure they have a good driving experience. Leading by example is an important part of making sure your child knows how to avoid crashes and be a safe driver.

If you’re a parent and your teenager is ready to start driving, you may learn more about how to proceed to be part of this educational program by following this link.

The class is approximately 1.5 hours long.

Avoid auto crashes by focusing on the road and teach your children to do the same.

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