CHP Urges Young Drivers to Be Defensive, Stay Focused

teens, car safety, personal injury, accidentYoung drivers are not well acquainted with certain circumstances that may arise and put the life of the driver in danger. Over time, experience helps drivers to have a better understanding of how the road and the traffic work. Until you obtain that amount of experience, however, you’re often left clueless.

In order to help drivers to stay safe at all times, official law enforcement agencies are developing their own programs to help teens and young drivers to focus on safety.

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, law enforcement agencies across the country will be bringing awareness among young and inexperienced drivers, hoping they are made aware of the potential risks associated with irresponsible driving habits.

In California, the California Highway Patrol has been working on developing a better generation of drivers by launching the Start Smart program, which are educational driving programs that teach teens and their loved ones about the importance of partaking in defensive driving techniques.

Now, the CHP has also developed an app, the Start Smart app, which helps young drivers to learn more about how they should proceed to obtain the skills necessary to earn a California driver license.

Among teens, the leading cause of accident is inexperience. Drivers who are not yet aware of the many risks they are exposed to while behind the wheel are often more distracted and more likely to be involved in a crash.

Parents and guardians of teens are being urged to make sure their children are learning about the importance of taking responsibility for their actions as drivers. They are also being urged to make sure children understand the importance of driving safely by driving defensively.

But that’s not the only way parents and loved ones are being urged to be involved.

According to many officials, children whose parents are good, responsible drivers are more likely to be responsible themselves.

If you’re a parent or a caregiver to a teenager who’s now learning how to drive, lead by example by driving responsibly and never allowing distraction to take over. Never use your phone while behind the wheel and make sure to let your passengers know just how dangerous distractions may be. Urge everyone to refrain from distracting you while behind the wheel and teach your children to do the same.

For more on how the CHP is making sure Californian teenagers are becoming better drivers, follow this link for more details.

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