CHP Unveils List Of Worst Areas For Speeding In Los Angeles

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After a series of DUI accidents have been reported, the California Highway Patrol has started to crack down on drivers who operate their vehicles while under the influence. Unfortunately, DUI is not the only issue taking over as speeding is also becoming a major problem for areas such as Los Angeles.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a recent survey has uncovered some of the most dangerous roads and areas if you’re uncomfortable with drivers traveling at high rates of speed.

Some of the areas that drivers should avoid, or at least beware that speeding is common, include the 210 Freeway from State Route 118 to Mountain Avenue in Pasadena, the 14 Freeway between 10th St. West and Avenue 1 in the Antelope Valley, the 210 Freeway between Grand Avenue and Baseline Road in Baldwin Park, the 134 Freeway, the Interstate 5, and the 101 Freeway between Lankershim and Sunset all in central Los Angeles, the I-10 at Rosemead Boulevard in East Los Angeles, and the southbound I-5 between Gorman and Castain in Newhall.

Other areas where drivers are also known to drive fast include Pathfinder Road in Santa Fe Springs between Fullerton Road and Brea Canyon, the Southbound 110 Freeway between Anaheim St. and Gaffey St. in South Los Angeles, the Westbound 90 Freeway between Inglewood Blvd. and Culver Blvd. in West Los Angeles, and finally the 101 Freeway between Parkway Calabasas and the LA and Ventura County lines in West Valley.

To many of the drivers who responded to this survey, the fact that drivers are going too fast is bothersome, after all, speeding is a sure way of provoking an accident.

To one of the drivers who participated, another problem with speeding is how often drivers cut others off.

Unfortunately, speeding is not only causing trouble to those who are afraid of being cut off but also to those who have now become anxious when it’s time for them to change lanes. After all, drivers speed so much that oftentimes, concerned motorists end up slowing down.

As personal injury attorneys, we have helped a great deal of drivers and others such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders who suffered injuries thanks to speed-related accidents.

If you’re the victim of a crash caused by a speeding driver, do not hesitate to have your case heard and evaluated by a professional with over 30 years of experience.

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