CHP To Crack Down On Carpool Cheaters

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The California Highway Patrol has announced that a new effort to ensure that carpool cheaters are being caught has been launched. This announcement follows reports showing that there has been a rise in tickets being issued for HOV lane violations.

As a result of this major increase, officials with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission want to urge lawmakers to do their part to ensure that the crackdown is effective and its effects are long-lasting.

According to these reports, one in every five vehicles to use the HOV lanes in the morning are breaking the rules while one in every four vehicles are doing the same in the afternoon. Since these vehicles aren’t eligible to be using the carpool lane, they are breaking the rules and making it difficult for cars that are eligible to use the lanes.

Last year, the CHP issued 46,882 tickets for carpool lane violators, a 600 ticket increase from 2015 and 3,500 more than in 2014. As the number of violators increases, many believe that there will never be enough officials to crack down on violators. As a result, drivers will continue to taking risks to break the rules in the hopes they will save some time using the carpool lane.

Still, the MTC believes that adding text that ups CHP enforcement of the rule to an existing piece of legislation would help to bring an end to the rise in violations. The bill being considered by state legislators also give drivers of electric and other alternative-fuel cars the opportunity to use the carpool lanes as long as the vehicles are carrying green or white stickers.

According to officials, the only way law enforcement will be able to help bring an end to the commuting crisis the state is seeing taking place is by cracking down on carpool lane cheaters. Still, many are skeptical, believing that any changes to the law that would require more enforcement wouldn’t make a difference.

For more on this issue and how many are tackling it, follow this link.

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