CHP Tells Drivers To Slow Down When It Rains

According to recent reports, drivers in California may have a hard time traveling safe while it’s raining.

Rainy conditions make roads slick, which causes some drivers to have a hard time assessing how they must act and what kind of steps they must take in order to drive in a safe manner.

Recently, the California Highway Patrol has issued a publication offering tips that help motorists to drive safely when it’s raining. One of the main things commuters must keep in mind is that roadways are wet and slick after it rains. Because of that, worn out tires may not be as safe as newer tires in vehicles being driven in rainy conditions. Tires must also be properly inflated at all times to function properly. Checking your tires’ air pressure regularly could help you to avoid accidents.

Another thing drivers must be concerned with is that they should never speed when the road conditions are slick. Avoiding to slam on the brakes could also help to prevent accidents since vehicles tend to spin out of control when the driver brakes abruptly.

When it’s raining heavier, drivers tend to slow down, which is what keeps them from being involved in crashes. By remembering they should also slow down when the rain is light could also help them to avoid collisions.

For more tips and how to safely operate your vehicle during the rainy season, click here to read more.

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