CHP: Mechanical Failure Not Tied to Greyhound Bus Crash

greyhound bus crashAccording to a series of news reports, investigators have ruled out mechanical failure as a factor behind the tragic Greyhound bus crash near San Jose, California that killed two people.

The accident has been under investigation since the vehicle crashed on the rain-soaked Highway 101 last week. The vehicle reportedly rolled onto the center divider, landing on its side. At least eight others were injured and sent to the hospital. The driver was one of the victims who sustained injuries.

Reports following the tragic crash show that the driver had been fatigued prior to the crash. Now the California Highway patrol has reported that the cause of Tuesday’s morning crash was not related to mechanical failure. Investigators behind the probe have also ruled out drugs or alcohol as a factor.

This tragic accident is concerning many safety advocates in the community like the attorneys at the Nagelberg Bernard Law firm.

We urge bus passengers to stay alert to learn more about this investigation so they are aware of the potential risks involved with bus riding in the upcoming months. Especially when it comes to Greyhound buses. Until the investigation is completed, it’s still early to point fingers. Nevertheless, victims of this accident should not be left alone in this difficult time.

Those who have lost their lives due to this tragic crash or those who are injured and who will be dealing with their injuries even after the investigation is over should not be forced to cover for their medical expenses on their own.

Hopefully, law enforcement is working hard to identify exactly what caused this accident. If negligence was at play, victims should be made aware of it.

If you are one of the victims of the Greyhound bus crash and you would like to discuss your case with a professional attorney with years of experience in the bus accident area, contact us promptly to have your case evaluated for free.

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