CHP Launches New Seat Belt Campaign

california highway patrol, In California, drivers are often distracted by their phones, daydreaming, or the scenery. Nevertheless, they are urged to never allow their focus to shift, making sure that safety is their top priority, even while driving up California Highway 1.

In order to make sure our drivers are safe, even if they aren’t as focused as they should, California Highway Patrol officers will be launching a new campaign alongside the California Office of Traffic Safety entitled California Occupant Restraint Education, or CORE.

This campaign will happen for one year and it will focus on keeping the number of drivers and passengers who are unrestrained low.

As part of the campaign, the CHP will be providing educational training, information to the overall public, and offering child safety seat inspections all for free to multiple Californian communities.

To locals, the campaign will also mean something different, since the law will change and, effective January 1st of 2017, all children under the age of 2 will be required to be seated in a rear-facing car seat. This move will help to keep the number of deaths among young children low since the use of child safety seats reduces deaths by 72 percent for infants and at least 63 percent for toddlers.

If you’re a California resident and you’re curious to know more about this campaign, follow this link. Make use of the resources made available to you are used and help others in your community by urging them to participate.

You may also help others to stay safe by leading by example.

Whenever you’re behind the wheel, make sure all of your passengers are safe and buckled up before you hit the road. If you’re the passenger, make sure your driver knows not to drive off until everyone is buckled up.

If your child is learning how to drive, teach him or her about the importance of being responsible drivers, bucking up and making sure their phones are put away before they begin driving

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