CHP Cracks Down On Unsafe, Reckless Motorcycle Riders In SoCal

motorcycle accident self-driving car

Much like anywhere else in the country, California roads have become very dangerous for motorcycle riders.

Recently, a California Highway Patrol officer was surrounded by a group of motorcycle riders who then proceeded to break on of his wing mirrors before fleeing the scene.

As many riders take to the streets to speed, drive recklessly, and put others in danger in the process, other motorcycle riders who follow the law and act appropriately end up getting a bad reputation. In order to make sure that those breaking the law are caught, the CHP is launching a saturation enforcement that will work to curb aggressive motorcycle riding in the Southern California region.

This past weekend, for instance, the CHP along the San Diego and the Chula Vista law enforcement agencies were able to locate and the break a gathering of what they called “hundreds” of riders. As a result, at least 99 citations were written, 17 bikes were impounded, issued 25 verbal warnings, and arrested four.

While this crackdown will focus on the irresponsible motorcycle riders, we urge the good ones to continue following the rules, riding safely, and being good examples.

As motorcycle riders ourselves and as personal injury attorneys, we know that there’s a bias against motorcycle riders among the population. Oftentimes, riders are treated disrespectfully because this bias and seen as troublemakers. We cannot afford to have more of these riders ruin what we have accomplished.

If you are a rider, a pedestrian, or a driver who has been injured in an accident caused by a reckless motorcyclist, consider discussing your case with one of our attorneys for a free evaluation. If you’re entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, we guarantee you we will put our over 30 years of experience toward getting you justice.

Hopefully, the CHP will be successful in its crackdown.

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