Children Involved in Crash Weren’t Buckled Up, CHP Reports

Auto accidents continue to happen at an alarming rate across the state of California, yet drivers continue to be too distracted under several occasions, making deadly crashes even more likely to occur.

According to a recent report, the California Highway Patrol is investigating a crash that happened on highway 184 near Panama Lane on Sunday. The accident involved three children who were not wearing their seatbelts. The crash involved other vehicles as well.

The CHP report shows that a woman behind the wheel of a pickup truck rear-ended another vehicle waiting at a red light. CHP hasn’t discarded the possibility that the driver was under the influence prior to the accident.
One of the children sitting in the back was ejected to the front of the vehicle, bending the front seat out of position. One of the children may have suffered minor injuries. No reports on the other occupants or vehicles involved were released.

The CHP is still investigating.

Whether this accident was caused by a driver under the influence or not, it must serve as a reminder that drivers and passengers should always have their seatbelts buckled up at all times.

Children up to the age of 12 should always be seated in a car seat or booster seat in order to make sure that they are protected in the event of a collision.

Car seats and booster seats help to prevent death and serious injuries. Children who are not protected correctly may experience major injuries. Thankfully, these children apparently didn’t suffer any major injuries. Make sure your child is safe by using a car seat that is adequate to the child’s weight, height, and age.

For more on the accident, follow this link or watch the video below.

The CHP should have more details on this crash available in the near future. If you’re serious about safety, keep in mind that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may lead to serious crashes.

Driving a vehicle is a responsibility. You should never ignore that. Avoid putting your own life in danger by staying focused.

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