Child Airlifted After Family Dog Attacks Her

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Dog bites can often be terrifying and even deadly. Still, many pet owners downplay the risks, putting loved ones and strangers in grave danger as a result as many of these incidents impact victims who were familiar with the dogs.

The latest terrible incident involving a dog and a child has resulted in serious injuries, prompting emergency teams to airlift the victim to the hospital due to the gravity of the child’s injuries.

According to a series of news reports, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old were playing in a child’s swimming pool. As they wrestled with one another, the family’s dog then proceeded to attack one of them, biting the 4-year-old. Due to the incident, the young girl suffered injuries to her lower rib cage and back. The child was eventually rushed to the local fire department where firefighters and American Medical Response met them. The child was then promptly airlifted to the Children’s Hospital.

At least one other person was also bit while intervening to save the young girl, but the injuries were only minor. The dog, a pit bull according to reports, was quarantined after the incident by the police. On the same day, reports claim that another child in the region was also bit and injured by a dog.

We hope that the 4-year-old involved in this incident is being able to recover promptly and completely from her injuries. Dog bite incidents can be serious as these injuries may often require heavy surgeries to help the victim recover. It’s our hope that this child’s parents are receiving the support they require in this time of need.

We also hope that our readers and clients are learning a thing or two from this incident as many parents may often believe that their pet may not feel aggressive or act violently toward their children at any given time.

Unfortunately, dogs may not be aggressive as a rule but when put in situations that cause them to stress out, they may act aggressively, putting people, and particularly children, in grave danger.

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