Bus Accident

January 19, 2016

Tragic Greyhound Bus Crash: Two Killed, Several Injured

As the rain poured onto Highway 101 this morning, Northern California commuters were not expecting to witness one of the most tragic bus crashes they’ve seen […]
August 13, 2015

Kids Must Learn How to Handle Distracted School Bus Drivers

Kids are back to school. As parents scramble to get back to their routines and make sure that their children are safe, others are still confused […]
April 15, 2013

Tour Bus Crash Near Yosemite Reported, Over 15 People Injured

News sources in California have reported that an accident involving a tour bus may have occurred due to the unsafe speeds the vehicle was traveling at […]
December 12, 2012

School Bus Rear-Ended, Students Injured

According to a recent article, a school bus was involved in an accident that involved multiple vehicles. The crash happened Tuesday when the bus was traveling […]