Car Tech Might Be Making Our Lives More Difficult

car techTechnology is something that has changed the lives of drivers in a big way. But according to a report released by the consumer watchdog organization known as Consumer Reports, technology may also be making our lives a tad more difficult.

The report shows that in many cases of complaints registered with automakers, the infotainment system is frequently mentioned as a source of concern. But that’s not the only technological issue many drivers are having to deal with. Transmission systems designed to improve fuel economy are also giving drivers enough reasons to complain.

The latest model of the Jeep Cherokee, Consumer Reports claims, has been linked to problems that seem to persist despite the attention from dealers. According to the organization, the vehicles come with nine-speed automatic transmission systems that end up causing problems to drivers. Despite several rounds of software update, consumers continue to complain that the vehicles tend to experience rough shifting at times. On other occasions, consumers complain about the gear getting stuck. Other Chrysler vehicles associated with transmission complaints include the Dodge Dart and Fiat 500L.

In many of the complaints linked to the Acura TLX, the nine-speed automatic and eight-speed dual clutch transmissions were at the center of the problems. But Honda and Chrysler are not the only companies having trouble with their new transmissions. Nissan is also been named in the Consumer Reports study.

According tot eh consumer wachdog group, Nissan has been associated with issues linked to its new continuously variable transmissions, which have been used in the newer Pathfinders and Altimas.

While these issues are associated with technologies that are still new to many of us, it’s important that automakers are able to meet important federal safety and environmental standards without putting the lives of their consumers in grave danger.

Over time, companies that aren’t able to adjust will face greater scrutiny, and consumers may have to go elsewhere for their auto needs.

If you’re a driver and you’re concerned about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, make sure to do your homework before settling on buying one particular type of vehicle.

Checking on Consumer Reports’ reviews on new cars and checking with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website to learn more about any open recalls that your vehicle may have been associated with could also help to keep you updated on what kind of cars—and technologies—you may want to pick next.

For more on the latest report on technologies making the lives of certain drivers more complicated than they should, follow this link.

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