California Drivers Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs More Often

According to recent reports, drivers in California have been driving under the influence of drugs much more often than alcohol.

A recent study has been carried out by the California Highway Patrol and according to the reports, this could be a growing threat that could lead to serious consequences. The authorities have reported that one in every seven drivers checked by the authorities were tested positive for the presence of prescription or illegal drugs in their system. Following this study, the California Highway Patrol hopes to launch a maximum enforcement campaign that will be taken place during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to focus on searching for drivers who are driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Statistics show that more individuals are fatally wounded in auto accidents that happen during Thanksgiving than during any other holiday season.

According to another report, survey takers later tested drivers during the night in California and, according to the results, about 14 percent of all motorists tested were driving under the influence of at least one drug.

Survey takers believe that this could result in a growing trend that could eventually lead to several accidents, since driving under the influence of any drug may impair the driver and cause crashes.

If you’re driving during this holiday season, keep in mind that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and it could be deadly. Stay safe by driving safely and asking someone else to take the wheel if you have been drinking.

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