CA Driver Sentenced For Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident

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A driver from Stockton, California, was sentenced to 12 years in jail for a deadly hit-and-run crash that took the lives of three young parents. The accident, which happened over one year ago, made the children of the three victims on their 20s grow without their parents.

The December 2016 accident happened when a driver behind the wheel of a stolen 1997 Honda Civic crashed into a man on his bike. While he survived the accident, he later died due to his injuries. As officials found the crashed car, they also discovered two bodies inside. The driver had fled the scene.

The next day, California Highway Patrol officers found the man responsible for the crash and then arrested him.

Two of the men whose lives were lost in this accident had small children who will never get the chance to meet their fathers.

This horrific accident reminds us that driving is a responsibility that drivers must take seriously. Otherwise, they risk putting countless lives at risk. And what’s worse is that, oftentimes, the victims of accidents caused by negligent or reckless drivers are the ones who lose their lives.

As personal injury attorneys, we have helped countless families whose loved ones were lost to similar accidents caused by drivers who were reckless and who did not provide help to the injured as they should have. It’s painful to see more victims losing their lives in hit-and-run collisions such as this. And that’s why we hope that authorities are doing more to address the factors behind these accidents so others may be prevented in the future.

Our thoughts are with the families of the three victims of this horrific accident.

For more on this tragic accident and for more details on the trial that led to the conviction, follow this link.

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