BMW Cars Are Catching Fire Unexpectedly, What’s Going On?

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Many accidents happen because drivers are negligent, but other accidents and other auto issues happen because automakers are negligent.

Recently, an investigation carried out by ABC has shown that vehicle owners who have relied on BMW vehicles for years are now seeing their loyalty result in nothing but damage and broken dreams. What’s worse, many cases have resulted in total property losses.

According to the ABC investigation, BMW vehicles are bursting into flames spontaneously in America, with at least 40 parked cars catching fire out of nowhere recently. But these issues haven’t only taken place here. South Korea is also investigating incidents that have taken place in their own country.

In the United States, some cases are as scary as one may think.

After a quick drive around the neighborhood, a wife brought her husband’s BMW back and parked it in the garage. Noticing an odd smell coming from the car, she went inside to call her husband. He then ran to the garage just in time to hear some noises coming from the vehicle before the car burst into flames.

The fire was so intense that the couple had to run out of the house as it took over. From their neighbor’s yard, they watched as the fire consumed everything.

While many like this BMW car owner experienced similar incidents, BMW has been unable to address the issues, claiming instead that these fires are too rare to constitute a pattern that would prove that the company is liable for equipment failure.

Instead, the firm alleges that owners weren’t maintaining their vehicles correctly, going as far as claiming that many of these fires are caused by rodent nests.

Like in South Korea, the United States public should be demanding that an investigation is carried out promptly so that these incidents are not taking place any longer.

Like the small business owner who lost his house and his long-lasting love for the BMW brand, many others have felt the harsh reality of trusting a brand too much. It’s our hope that this investigation by the press will prompt regulators to look deep into this matter, especially because dozens of vehicles have burst into flames recently in the country.

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