Black Henna Tattoo May Contain Allergen, FDA Alerts

According to the Food and Drug Administration, some consumers should be aware of the risks of being exposed to a product that could pose an allergic reaction hazard to them or their loved ones.

The federal agency has stated that black henna tattoo has been recently linked to reports of people suffering severe reactions after having the product applied to their skin.

Some of the reactions include loss of skin pigmentation, and scarring. People who reported experiencing some allergic reactions have noticed the first signs immediately after receiving the tattoo, however, some cases show that the signs only appear weeks after the consumer got inked.

Some federal agents have reported that black henna is sometimes made with coal-tar hair dye, which contains p-phenylenediamine, a substance that could cause serious reactions to some.

To learn more about how to avoid getting scarred after receiving a henna tattoo, click here to read the full article.

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