Big Rig Jackknifes And Hits Car, Accident Claims Two Lives

Multiple news sources reported that, unfortunately, two people were fatally wounded as a result of an accident that happened Monday.

The accident, official California Highway Patrol reports show, occurred when the big rig traveling on Highway 330 left the road and drove up a hillside before it veered back onto the road. The truck driver reportedly fell off the truck cab, which led to his death. The vehicle continued rolling on before it jackknifed and crashed into an oncoming vehicle carrying two occupants. The driver of the small vehicle was declared dead at the scene as a result of the accident. The passenger of the vehicle was injured and sent to the hospital as a result of the crash.

Since the crash had no witnesses, the California Highway Patrol investigators are inspecting the truck to determine whether a mechanical issue with the vehicle’s brakes caused the accident.

The couple occupying the small vehicle involved in the accident had to be rescued from the wreckage after the accident, reports indicate.

We extent our most heartfelt condolences to the families of those tragically killed in this terrible accident. Hopefully, the California Highway Patrol is investigating this accident thoroughly and more details regarding the factors behind this accident will be available soon.

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