Big Rig Crashes Near Fire Station, Causes Wet Mess

News organizations have been busy with the increasing number of traffic crashes taking place in California. As expected, many believe that speed, as well as intoxicated and distracted driving are to blame.

The latest news concerning crashes involve a big rig, which nearly crashed into a local fire station.

According to a series of news reports, the driver behind the wheel of the big rig was operating the vehicle on Bystrum Road at 7:30 am when the vehicle crashed into an electrical box and a city of Modesto well pump. Before coming to a stop, the bi rig also crashed into a firefighter’s parked vehicle.

As a result of the impact, the truck’s two diesel full saddle tanks were ruptured, causing fuel to be spilled as a result. At least 150 gallons of diesel were spilled. The fuel was also mixed with water, which was coming from the well pump damaged due to the impact. Due to the presence of a pond nearby, the liquid spilling due to the crash was easily contained. Thankfully, the valve beneath the street was shut off so the water supply wouldn’t be contaminated by the fuel.

The accident prompted law enforcement to arrive at the scene quickly, with the California Highway Patrol taping off the area and letting people know that the water coming from the well could have been electrified after hitting the power box.

Several local agencies worked together to make sure that the scene was cleared up and that the consequences wouldn’t expose anyone to serious or even deadly risks. According to the official reports, the driver involved in this crash suffered minor injuries and was eventually rushed to the hospital as a precaution. Nobody else was injured.

While we’re thankful nobody was injured and that the fire station wasn’t damaged, it’s important to remind drivers that, all too often, these types of accidents happen due to preventable factors.

We hope that the authorities are being able to investigate this crash thoroughly. We also hope that other accidents that are similar in nature are able to be prevented.

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