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Here are some numbers to consider: $400 Million – The amount of money the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group has earned its clients. 98.4 -The percentage of cases we’ve taken on that have been successful. 30 – The years of experience we bring to the table. $27 Million – Record verdict against the city of San Francisco awarded to a grieving family.

But these are just numbers. And at Nagelberg Bernard, you’ll never be just a number. Our Bakersfield car accident lawyers are at the top of their profession in representing the victims of negligence. We’ve achieved success through a personalized touch, interacting closely with our clients to ensure the maximum amount of damages is recovered on their behalf.

Three million people are injured each year and 42,000 people die due to automobile accidents. These figures are tragic, as is the number of people who don’t receive proper compensation for their injuries because they failed to hire a car accident lawyer to fight for them.

From there, we can pursue the case to the fullest extent of the law and secure you the compensation that you deserve.

In constructing your personal injury claim, our expert legal staff will initiate a three step process. We will:

  • Gather evidence in support of the case, including evaluation of road conditions, visibility of necessary warning signage, driver malfeasance and distractedness and testimony of reliable witnesses
  • Establish liability of the guilty party or parties, be they an individual or a larger entity
  • Create a reasonable amount of damages to which we feel you are entitled

If you’ve made it this far, then maybe the only number you’re truly worried about is price. Well, the Bakersfield car accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard pledge not to take a dime until your case has been settled. We don’t get paid until you do. This ensures our loyalty to you and your cause.

One more important number: 661-636-6222. Call us today for a free consultation. The line is open around the clock. Or, if you’d prefer, you can fill out the form on this page and a member of our expert legal staff will contact you right away.

Don’t let an accident control your life. Contact Nagelberg Bernard and let us handle the details of your car accident case while you focus on getting your world back on track. You’ll be glad you did

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If your law firm is looking to refer a personal injury case to another law firm, you should consider referring the client to the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group. The experienced and aggressive California personal injury lawyers at the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group have an outstanding track record of recovering the monetary compensation for our clients and other law firms that we have partnered with.