Bakersfield Car Accident Claims Pedestrian’s Life

pedestrian car accident bakersfield

As a Bakersfield car accident lawyer, I’ve seen my share of accidents caused by negligent and careless drivers. Unfortunately, many of these crashes impact innocent victims while others end up making victims out of the careless drivers.

Because of my own experience, I often urge my clients to keep in mind that car and road safety begin with them. And if they are not willing to make sure they are following road rules, they are also not going to stay safe.

The latest Bakersfield car accident we learned about that unfortunately turned out to be fatal happened in east Bakersfield. According to the authorities who responded to the scene of the accident, a woman was crossing the street when a vehicle hit her Sunday night. The tragic accident involving a pedestrian is still under investigation and the driver showed no signs of having been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

While it’s impossible to identify what factors caused the accident, it’s important to remind our readers that distractions and speed are both two factors that often cause similar accidents.

Pedestrians are more vulnerable because they are not protected by a shell. If drivers are not careful, they will put the safety of countless pedestrians in danger constantly as a result. With the increase in the use of cell phones while driving, motorists have begun to lose control over their vehicles more frequently, making certain accidents more likely to happen. Since distractions make drivers act almost as if they were intoxicated by delaying their response time, it’s imperative that drivers put an end to distracted driving at once.

We are saddened that this horrific accident happened and hope that the victim’s family is receiving the attention and care they require in this time of need.

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