ASR Design Defects Mentioned In E-mail Sent By DePuy Employee

Multiple news agencies have indicated that in a recent hearing that a former DePuy employee was aware of e-mails containing information pertinent to how the issues related to the ASR hip implants were linked to a design defect.

The information was made available during a video testimony that was heard by jurors during the second DePuy ASR trial. According to the testimony, a colleague was claiming that problems with the ASR hips could be traced back to the device’s defective design. The company had just learned about problems patients were facing after being fitted with the all-metal hip implant and according to the former employee, the e-mail talking about the defective design being linked to the issues was sent more than a year before the product was recalled.

The company decided to recall the implant after reports indicated a high failure rate. Johnson & Johnson is now facing over 10,000 lawsuits over the defective hip implant and the many health problems patients experienced due to the faulty device.

DePuy continues to state that the recall was issued to respond to clinical needs and that it had nothing to do with the product’s possible design defect.

For more on this story, you may follow this link to read the full assessment of the testimony.

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