After Deadly Crash, Teen Designs Anti-Distracted Driving App

distracted drivingDistracted driving continues as one of the most common factors behind auto crashes involving teenagers. And while many awareness campaigns focusing on young and inexperienced drivers, are launched regularly, more and more drivers continue to use their phones, despite of the risks.

Studies have shown that while drivers understand the potential risks, they continue to use their phones and other electronics while behind the wheel.

But as countless teens ignore the warnings and carry on with their bad and potentially deadly behavior, one teen from Pennsylvania is trying to make a difference.

According to several news sources, a teen from York County has decided to create an app that helps others like him to avoid distracted driving. The idea for the app came because the teen lost friends in an auto crash several years ago. And according to the app creator, the crash was so violent, his friends were declared dead at the scene.

The 17-year-old’s app creator claims that he wants to save people like his friends, who are exposed to risks because of distracted drivers. The app, which has been launched recently, blocks phone calls, text messages, and any other notification while the phone user is driving. The technology works once the driver sets a password. It will work as soon as you turn it on. While the technology blocks calls, it allows you to add up to three emergency numbers you’re allowed to receive calls from.

Because of the costs to launch the app, groups like Allstate Insurance are helping to sponsor. To the insurance company helping to sponsor this app, this tool will be able to help Driver’s Ed teachers. If more people are using this app, many believe that teens and young drivers will be able to avoid the very crash risks that prompted the teen to act.

While the app is free, it’s only available to Android users at the time. It will soon be available for iPhone users by his summer.

This and many other efforts to curb distracted driving behavior should be celebrated so other teens like this 17-year-old are made aware of the risks.

If you have children who are in their teens, talk to them about the risks associated with the distracted driving activity. Instead of ignoring the risks, teach them that they have responsibility over the vehicle they’re driving. Focusing on the road ahead and making sure that they are always aware of what is going on around and in front of them.

For more on this app and the story behind it, follow this link or watch the video below.

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