After Crash, Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Program

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Uber, like Google, has joined the self-driving car race. And as expected, many believed that Uber was going to be a game changer in the self-driving industry. But as news concerning crashes involving the technology, doubts have been raised and the future of Uber’s involvement with the development of this groundbreaking technology may be at risk.

According to a series of reports, Uber has put an end to its self-driving car efforts after one of its autonomous vehicles was involved in an accident in Temple, Arizona. While the car run by the company wasn’t at fault, the human driver behind the wheel was the one who caused the crash.

Reports shows that Uber’s Volvo-made self-driving SUV crashed when another car failed to yield for the Uber car. As a result, the autonomous vehicle flipped on its side.

Uber says that it’s looking into this accident to determine exactly what happened, nevertheless, it has also claimed that it will suspend its tests in Arizona until a completed investigation has materialized.

We hope that nobody was injured and that authorities along with Uber are able to identify exactly what led to this crash. We believe that crashes like this are serious and that consumers who are serious about their safety should not ignore these reports. After all, the self-driving technology has always been touted as a savior of drivers due to its dedication to putting an end to human error.

As technologies are advanced and these self-driving vehicles are able to provide drivers with safer, better features, drivers are also exposed to a series of new risks. We hope these companies are able to anticipate and work on these new risks so they may be avoided at all costs.

We hope that more companies develop better, safer technologies and that Uber is able to continue with its research so that roads are also safer as a result.

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