Aerosol Fire Sprays Do Not Work As Fire Extinguisher Replacements

Multiple news sources have been reporting that while looking for fire extinguishers, some consumers may feel compelled to purchasing aerosol fire sprays due to the product’s low price. The tempting purchase may seem like a good idea at first but if you analyze the risks associated with ignoring how certain aerosol sprays could actually make the fire worse, you will surely prefer to purchase a fire extinguisher instead.

Consumer Reports tested some of the sprays to find that in certain occasions, the sprays made grease fires actually flare up, making the problem worse. Two different types of aerosol fire sprays were tested by Consumer Reports. The tests were prompted by performance problems, which caused safety experts and consumer protection agencies to become concerned about the effectiveness of these devices.

The sprays tested did not come with a pressure indicator that is designed to show whether the product is ready for prompt use. While the labels the companies fit the aerosol spray bottles with come with a warning stating that these devices should not be used as a replacement for fire extinguishers approved by the National Fire Protection Association, experts say consumers overlook the warning in order to obtain a product that is less costly.

The shelf life of these products is relatively short. According to experts, a standard fire extinguisher has a shelf life that lasts between six and 12 years while the aerosol spray’s shelf life may last only 3 years.

The products tested did not meet NFPA 10 requirements, which most fire extinguishers have. According to safety experts, consumers should always look for the largest fire extinguisher that all members of the family can handle. These large fire extinguishers usually have more flame retardant components. Multi-purpose fire extinguishers should be present in every floor of your home and one in the garage.

Cars and kitchens should always have a smaller fire extinguisher. Consumers should keep in mind they can use the extinguisher only if the fire is small and if it’s not spreading. The extinguisher must not be used if the fire is between the consumer and an exit. People are encouraged to evacuate the house promptly and contact the fire department at once.

Stay safe by learning everything you can on fire extinguishers and how aerosol fire sprays cannot and should not be used as a replacement for what could really save your life in the event of a home fire. You can follow this link to read the full report and learn more about fire prevention.

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