Accident Sends 7 to Hospital, Distraction May Have Played Role

distracted driving accidentDistracted driving continues to worry law enforcement agencies across the country. As the number of auto accidents increases due to the fact that more and more drivers are simply too distracted, more safety advocates urge drivers to think about the potentially dire consequences.

But warning drivers about the dangers doesn’t seem to be enough.

According to several news sources, Honolulu police was called to the scene of an accident last Saturday to learn that distracted driving may have a lot to do with the occurrence. The reports show that even a firefighter was injured in the collision.

The accident took place when a Safety Systems flat-bed truck traveling on the southbound lanes of the Kamehameha Highway crossed a double-solid yellow line, causing the vehicle to crash into a pick-up truck. The firefighter was behind the wheel of the pick-up truck.

According to the reports, the driver of the flat-bed truck failed to regain control over the vehicle, causing another collision that involved a third car traveling on the northbound lanes. At least five adults and one infant occupied the third vehicle.

The accident happened around 12:48 pm. According to the report, the flat-bed driver suffered minor injuries while the off-duty firefighter suffered broken bones and head trauma. At least two occupants of the third vehicle were rushed to the hospital. Their condition was critical. The infant did not suffer any injuries, reports indicate.

Tools known as “jaws of life” were used to extract vehicle occupants from the wrecked cars.

Drivers often forget that the vehicles they drive may expose others to deadly risks. Taking responsibility for their actions includes making sure that certain behaviors are avoided. Using your phone, handling pets, children, or reaching out to objects while operating a moving vehicle are some of them. Eating, drinking, and performing personal grooming activities while behind the wheel should also be avoided.

If you’re a motorist and you’re serious about making roads safer so fewer auto accidents occur, distracted driving should not be part of your routine.

If you’re a parent and your children are in their teenage years, teach them about safe driving practices.

According to many experts, the best way to teach children about the dangers of distracted driving is to lead by example. Never have your phone on you while driving, especially if your children are riding along.

Teens are usually much more likely to be involved in auto accidents because of distracted driving than any other age group.


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