Accident Risk Behind Latest Ford Recall

Ford recall crash accidentEvery other day, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launches auto recall announcements involving a great number of vehicles that are driven regularly by motorists nationwide.

The recall campaign announcements are often launched with the help of the NHTSA, but only the automaker is responsible for contacting impacted vehicle owners promptly. Unfortunately for several consumers nationwide, not all companies contact impacted vehicle owners promptly. In other cases, recalls are only launched after people are injured in auto crashes. If consumers are serious about their safety, they should never ignore recall alerts. Responding promptly and heeding the instructions of manufacturers should be their top priority.

The latest auto recall to hit the news impacts over 75,000 units of the Ford Explorer vehicles of the 2014 and 2015 model years. According to the regulators, these vehicles come with certain rear suspension toe links that could fracture because they may have not been welded correctly. If that’s the case, the driver may suddenly experience a loss of steering control due to the fracture. This could happen while the vehicle is in use, leading to a crash that could even result in injuries.

Ford has announced that all recalled vehicle owners should be contacted soon. But if you do not receive a recall alert in your inbox in the near future, contact Ford directly to learn more about the risks. Impacted vehicles should have their rear suspension toe links replaced entirely for free.

For more details, follow this link for the full recall report and alert friends or loved ones who may have the recalled models in their possession.

Never ignore a recall campaign that could expose you to crash and injury risks. Acting promptly will help you to make sure the vehicle you own is fixed as soon as possible so neither you nor a loved one is injured.

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