5 Common Injuries During A Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle crash is more likely to result in injuries

than any other type of crash because riders do not have the same amount of protection as someone in a car or truck. By being prepared and knowing the areas of your body that are most at risk, you can help reduce the chance and severity of injuries:

Head Injuries

This is the part of the body most likely to sustain an injury, and understandably, head injuries are also the leading cause of motorcycle accident fatalities. In addition to the direct damage from the force of the impact itself, road rash and whiplash also endanger the rider. To prevent either of these disasters, a helmet is critical. Not only can it help to reduce the threat of high impact head trauma, it also can stave off the danger of facial injuries.

Chest Injuries

Chest trauma is the second largest leading cause of death among motorcyclists. Such an injury can typically occur when the rider is pinned by the motorcycle, gets run over by another automobile, gets pushed into the handlebars, or is ejected from the bike and into some large stationary object. To counteract the danger to a rider's chest, motorcyclists can utilize jackets that contain reinforced panels meant to absorb impact energy. Wearing this simple item can go a long way toward keeping the heart, lungs and other organs free from serious injury.

Leg Injuries

Leg fractures are another typical injury associated with motorcycle accidents. When a crash occurs, a rider can easily become pinned beneath the weight of the motorcycle. This severely compresses a rider's legs and can cause fractures to the thigh and lower leg bones. Leg injuries also take place when, following a collision with a stationary object, a rider extends his or her feet outward in an attempt to balance an unstable motorcycle. Severe bleeding can take place should the motorcyclist's femur fracture, as the major artery running along the upper leg can be damaged in such an instance. This relatively common injury can be life threatening.

Sliding Injuries

When a rider is tossed from a motorcycle, he or she is in danger of undergoing road rash, which occurs when a rider's body is scraped across the pavement. A person's hands are especially susceptible when gloves aren't worn. De-gloving occurs when a hand's tissues and skin are literally stripped from a person's hands. It can take skin grafts and multiple surgeries to correct this painful condition. Both the hands and other parts of the body can face serious infections and complications should road rash occur.


When an accident takes place, riders sometimes make contact with the motorcycle's exhaust pipe, or even the exhaust of another automobile. This can lead to severe burn injuries. Simply wearing synthetic personal protective suits or leathers can prevent the burns that might otherwise result from extended exhaust contact.

To help avoid any or all of these injuries, consult a motorcycle accessory shop in your area to determine the best personal protective equipment for you. Using such equipment every time you ride a motorcycle can go a long way toward preventing injury should you be involved in an accident.

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