4th Of July Is Here: Put Safety First This Independence Day

Fourth of July is this weekend. Whether you are planning on hitting the road for a quick trip or you’re simply working on celebrating with your family at home, learning more about the importance of staying safe while handling fireworks should be part of your plans.

According to CAL FIRE, Californians and their visitors should do their part to prevent fires and injuries.

firecracker-801902_640Toward the end of June, hundreds of communities throughout the state had the opportunity to purchase what CAL FIRE calls “Safe and Sane” fireworks. Setting them up is part of the tradition of celebrating Independence Day, but as California heads into its fourth summer of one of the most serious droughts the state has ever experienced, residents should be aware of the potentially dire consequences of mishandling the devices.

If you and your loved ones are planning on using fireworks, be aware that the authorities will be on the lookout for individuals making use of illegal fireworks. Sky rockets, roman candles, bottle rockets, firecrackers, aerial shells, and other types of firework that are designed to explode or that may move on the ground after lit are illegal. If you’re caught using or handling any of these illegal fireworks, the authorities may fine you or even arrest you.

While the State Fire Marshal approves the use of “Safe and Sane” fireworks in several communities, they are not entirely approved to use across the state. Before you purchase fireworks, check with your local ordinances in order to verify whether you’re purchasing the correct kind.

Follow These Safety Tipsusa-751628_640

To avoid brush fires, fireworks must have proper clearance from flammable materials. Do not have them lit near dry grass. Also, make sure you’re only using State Fire Marshal approved fireworks with the “Safe and Sane” seal.

Have a bucket of water or hose at hand at the firing site and do not start lighting anything up until you have read the instructions thoroughly.

To prevent injuries, remember to never place any part of your body directly over any fireworks or devices being used to lit fireworks.

Immediately after you have lit the fireworks, back up several feet immediately to avoid injuries.

Do not point any of the fireworks at other people, children, homes, or vehicles. Also, if the fireworks are not working, put them in a bucket of water and do not try to re-light or repair the fireworks.

Make sure you’re not wearing any loose fitting clothes in order to avoid any burn injuries.

Remember that fireworks are not toys. So enjoy your Fourth of July safely with your loved ones and friends.

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