2016 Memorial Day Weekend More Deadly Than Previous Years

Summertime is particularly complicated for drivers across the country. Even in California, where we’re blessed with great weather most of the year, summer is also a harsh time of the year for anybody hitting the road.

According to the California Highway Patrol, this year’s Memorial Day weekend was particularly deadly to some residents in Riverside County.

The reports coming from this latest holiday weekend have shown that the region saw two crashes lead to fatalities during the prolonged weekend. In one accident, a 3-year-old’s life was abruptly taken due to a rollover crash near Desert Center while the second deadly crash involved a 17-year-old who was ejected from a pickup truck.

The fact these two deaths occurred during this holiday season gives officers reasons to worry over the habits of local drivers, especially when you consider the very fact that no deadly crashes were registered during the same period and in the same location both in 2014 and 2015.

During this past Memorial Day weekend, officers reported, 23 crashes were reported. In 2014, 11 collisions were registered and in 2015, 19 collisions prompted the action from the authority. At least 9 out of the 23 crashes that occurred this year resulted in injuries.

But that’s not all.

According to the local law enforcement agency, the number of DUI arrests also went up this year.

In 2015, only 11 people were arrested in the region during the Memorial Day weekend over DUI-related problems. This time around, 18 people were arrested. In 2014, 23 DUI arrests were made during the same weekend holiday.

As law enforcement agencies see an increase in the number of crashes and DUI-related arrests, drivers across the state are urged to keep in mind that safe driving is extremely important. Driving while intoxicated, much like distracted driving, can lead to serious crashes because the driver is unable to respond in an effective way. Whenever you drive while intoxicated, or whenever you allow distractions to take over, your emergency response time is impacted. If you’re not able to respond to emergencies in time, crashes will occur.

For more details on the CHP’s response to the accidents that happened during the Memorial Day weekend, follow this link for the full report. For more information on the dangers associated with distracted and drunk driving, watch the video below.

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