14-Month-Old Injured In Crash, Accident Highlights Importance Of Car Seats

A recent accident that happened last Monday has emphasized how important it is to ensure your child is properly restrained while riding in a vehicle.

The reports show that, the accident involving a cab resulted in injuries to a 14-month-old that could have been prevented if the child had been restrained properly with the help of a car safety seat. News agencies reported that the 14-month-old was riding in a taxi when the accident occurred, which caused the child to suffer head injuries. A 4-year-old that was also involved in the accident was not injured. The accident happened when a 63-year-old failed to yield to the stop sign at an intersection, which caused her to drive straight into a taxi that was traveling by. The taxi ended up crashing into a utility pole as a result of the impact. Three occupants were trapped inside of the vehicle while the 14-month-old was lying outside of the crashed car.

Authorities reported that in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, laws addressing car safety seat use do not exempt taxi cabs. The authorities are investigating the accident to identify the causes.

The child was flown to the hospital after the accident.

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