Wheels On These Mercedes-Benz Vans May Fall Off

It isn’t easy to keep up with all auto recall reports simply because there are too many of them being launched regularly.

Still, some are incredibly important as they deal with issues that may lead to serious if not deadly accidents and injuries.

According to a recent news report, Mercedes-Benz has launched a recall that impacts vehicles that come with wheels that may fall off. The campaign impacts vans, which are vehicles often used by families. Due to this fact, we hope that reporting on this particular campaign will help families in California to steer clear of trouble by alerting them about potential risks they may face if they do not have their vehicles repaired.

The company has announced that the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris vehicles come with front axle wheel bearings that may have not been installed or even sealed properly. I f this is the case, the front wheels may end up becoming loose and falling off while the vehicle is in use. This issue is clearly a problem since it may increase the risk of serious if not deadly accidents.

At dealers, impacted vehicles will be inspected thoroughly and the front axle wheel bearing retaining rings will then be replaced.

Unfortunately for impacted car owners, the company is not sure when the recall will actually start. Due to this, impacted vehicle owners should stay aware and report any issue they experience with their recalled vehicles to the manufacturer and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you were impacted or you believe your car may have been impacted, reach out to the manufacturer and have your questions or concerns addressed. Do not drive the vehicle if you feel unsafe.

For more details on this recall, follow this link.

Stay alert to other recalls that may affect any vehicle you own or drive regularly as issues tied to recalls may increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

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