Two Dead In Tragic Chatsworth Two-Car Crash

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All too often, collisions claim the lives of both the innocent and the drivers who were to blame for the accident. Unfortunately, many of the accidents we hear about are also preventable, which goes to show that many of us are still not doing enough to prevent accidents.

The latest California accident to have claimed lives happened in Chatsworth this past Sunday morning.

According to the reports, a driver traveling the wrong way was going westbound in the eastbound HOV lanes of the 118 freeway. The driver had been reported to the authorities but unfortunately, the car going the wrong way ended up crashing into another vehicle.

After the police had already learned about the wrong-way driver, they were contacted about the accident, which turned out to be fatal.

The Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics arrived at the scene promptly to find two people dead as a result of the injuries they sustained in the accident along a third person suffering from serious injuries. According to a witness who pulled over to help, he first checked the car seat since he saw one in the car, but no child was found. A 30 and a 38-years-old died as a result of the collision but reports were not clear as to whether they were in the wrong-way car or in the second car.

We’re terribly saddened to have learned that another California accident has resulted in fatalities. We hope that the victims’ loved ones are receiving the attention and support they deserve in this time of pain and suffering.

As personal injury attorneys with more than 30 years of experience, we have seen countless cases of similar collisions and how horrific and painful the injuries and the aftermath can be to the victims. But when a victim loses his or her life, the family is the first to suffer. Too often, the victim’s loved ones are confused and distraught, and feel they are helpless.

If you know someone who’s been injured or someone who has lost a loved one to a tragic accident, the best thing to do is to show them that you are there for them.

For more on this tragic two-car collision, follow this link.

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