Truck Versus Auto Crash Caught On Video

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Every now and then, videos pop up on social media that leave us out of breath.

According to a series of reports, a video uploaded to Facebook shows the dangers of certain collisions and how vehicles may end up struck in some situations.

In the footage provided by a social media user, a maroon Nissan Maxima is shown sending up smoke while it’s pulled along the 15 Freeway by a truck. Later, officials with the California Highway Patrol responded to the scene to find that the incident had happened at 3:30 pm on Wednesday on the northbound 15 Freeway.

Te two vehicles had collided after the truck went up the pass and came upon an even slower-moving truck. As the first truck moved left to pass the slow truck, it ended up striking a Nissan Maxima. The truck was hauling 50,000 pounds of carrots at the time of the accident.

Due to the collision, the Maxima became lodged under the truck, and as the truck continued, the Maxima was dragged. The driver yells at the truck to stop but he doesn’t appear to listen. At some point, the truck finally stops. When asked why he continued driving for so long with the car attached to the truck, the driver said he didn’t know what was going on.

CHP officers say that the truck driver claimed that he had no idea the collision had ever occurred.

The 62-year-old truck driver didn’t show any signs of impairment and that no mechanical problems were found. The Nissan Maxima driver who was stuck after the collision was dragged seven-tenths of a mile but was not hospitalized.

It’s incredible that this type of accident has occurred, but it’s even more incredible that someone was able to film it.

We’re glad that nobody was injured in this accident but hope that others will learn from this truck driver’s mistake.

Speeding is a serious problem because it increases the risks of serious if not deadly accidents. If drivers aren’t serious about their safety, they aren’t serious about other people’s safety either. So stay alert, follow the rules, and do not speed.

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