Tragic: Truck Crash Kills Worker Cleaning Road After Mudslide

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Weather conditions cause serious troubles for drivers. And it’s at those times of the year we rely the most on road crews that clear ice, snow, floods, and mud from the pavement, helping drivers to avoid serious and potentially deadly accidents. So it’s with great pain we report on a crash involving a highway worker helping to clean Highway 17 after a mudslide.

According to a series of news reports, a truck hit a worker cleaning part of Highway 17 after a mudslide cover a portion of the road earlier in the week. The California Highway Patrol reported that one worker was killed while a second worker was injured as a result of the accident.

The truck was reportedly backing up in the construction area when it hit both individuals. The victim who succumbed to his injuries was a 54-year-old man from Los Banos. The 34-year-old man who was injured was pinned under the vehicle after the accident. The accident is still under investigation, and reports have yet to confirm whether the slick roads contributed to the fatal collision. Regardless of whether the weather had something to do with the accident, authorities continue to urge drivers to remember that whenever the natural elements are against us, accidents become more likely to occur.

The driver involved in the accident was allegedly a colleague to the men who were injured.

Officials say that this tragedy is still under investigation and that it would take some time for them to determine exactly what happened. Nevertheless, they also praised the work these men do, putting their lives in danger to keep the roads clear for drivers.

This tragic crash and its aftermath will continue to be seen as one of the saddest tragedies to have occurred this winter in California. As the weather continues to grace California with more rains, we are also more likely to see more mudslides and other types of natural phenomena. Drivers must be aware of the risks, and must act accordingly, making sure they are not speeding or driving erratically. Before hitting the road, check the weather conditions and allow more time to arrive at your destination if the weather is unfavorable.

You may check this link for more details on this tragic crash. Stay safe out there, do not ignore the power of the weather.

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