Three-Vehicle Accident Involving Large Trucks Results In Fatality

big rig truck accident crash

It appears as if several truck and big rig accidents have been taking place in the entire state of California lately. This saddens us since many of these collisions could have been prevented.

The latest accident involving big rigs happened in Castro Valley.

The collision happened in the early morning hours of Thursday when a black sedan collided with a big rig. Due to the collision, the truck driver lost the ability to steer the vehicle, causing it to rest in the middle of the Interstate 580. Then, a second big rig approached, crashing into the stopped truck.

Due to the collision, the driver in the second big rig suffered fatal injuries.

Since at least one of the trucks had to be unloaded after the accident so the road could be cleared, officials and emergency personnel took at least 10 hours to reopen the all lanes.

We are saddened that one truck driver lost his life as a result of this accident. We know just how painful the loss of a loved one in a tragic accident can be and we are more than aware of how stressful the aftermath can be to the victim’s loved ones.

Drivers who are reading this must remember that while we do not know exactly what happened to prompt the accident, certain behaviors such as distracted driving may lead to similar collision.

We hope that authorities are investigating the crash in depth to identify just what happened. Until we know more, we simply hope drivers aren’t speeding or distracted while behind the wheel so similar collisions do not take place. As drivers, we must remember that we have responsibility over our vehicles. We must follow the law and act accordingly and remember that our cars can be weapons. If we aren’t responsible with them, we can put other lives in danger.

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