Teen Injured In Odd Truck Accident Over Memorial Day Weekend

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Tragic accidents continue to take place regularly across California. As usual, they involve individuals who are injured and sometimes even killed. Unfortunately, many of these victims are vulnerable, which reminds us that drivers must always be aware of potentially injuring someone who may not be visible.

The latest accident report we heard from comes from Temecula, California. According to the news reports, a local teenager was rushed to the hospital after a Memorial Day weekend accident.

The teen had been running alongside his rolling truck when he was injured.

According to the reports, the 16-year-old placed the transmission of a 2007 Toyota Tundra in neutral then exited the vehicle, running along the vehicle as it traveled west. As he ran, he ended up losing his footing, which caused him to fall. The vehicle then ran over him. Another 16-year-old inside the truck was able to stop the vehicle before it crashed.

The teen who was run over by the truck was rushed to the hospital suffering from major injuries.

After the tragic incident, the California Highway Patrol urged other drivers to never exit their vehicles while on the road and to always wear seatbelts. The teen involved in this accident may have also broken DMV rules as he is 16 and his passenger wasn’t 25 or older.

While we hope the driver has a swiftly recovery, we urge other teens and young drivers to pay attention to road rules and regulations and to always follow them. We also urge drivers to always be alert whenever they are sharing the road with inexperienced drivers.

If you have a teenager who’s now learning how to drive, make sure they know all the rules of the road and the risks associated with failing to follow them. Especially if your teen has only recently passed his or her driving test, provisional license rules must be thoroughly followed.

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