Technology Should Never Replace Driver Responsibility

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Young and inexperienced drivers are the most likely to be involved in accidents caused by distracted driving. That’s why many believe that the self-driving technology could help drivers to avoid risks associated with inexperience. After all, human error is the number one cause of traffic accidents.

But to many safety advocates, the fact autonomous car technology is seen as a life saver is causing young drivers to ignore potential risks by not learning the basics of traffic safety.

Parents should know this and act accordingly by teaching their children how they should drive to stay safe and avoid collisions.

According to Carfax, many drivers are already over-reliant on car technologies while behind the wheel. So in order to make sure your child knows how to avoid accidents, parents are urged to talk to their teenage children about the car technologies they have at their disposal. They are also urged to remind teens that certain considerations shouldn’t be ignored.

For instance, if the car your teenage child is driving has a backup camera, talk to him or her about the importance of not letting the technology replace driver’s attention.

Teen drivers also need to have in mind that no matter how many new technologies their cars have, semi-autonomous features will never replace the need for judgment and control.

By ignoring the importance of focusing on the act of driving and the road ahead, many drivers will become oblivious of their responsibilities, thinking erroneously that the technology is there to “step in.” That’s when parents should make it extremely clear that their teens cannot rely solely on technology.

If you’re a parent, you may follow this link to read more tips on how to talk to your children about the importance of taking responsibility for driving at all times. If you’re a teen or inexperienced driver, clicking on the link can also help.

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