Oroville Dam: How The Waters May Damage Roads

Oroville dam waters damage roads risk

Natural disasters continue to impact the lives of countless Californians as the rains we saw over the winter became nearly too overwhelming for the state’s infrastructure. Now, the dam in Oroville, CA seems to be in danger. Even as the water levels drop, warnings regarding evacuations locally remain in place. What this means for California drivers? That things could get messy — and dangerous — really fast. Because we’re concerned about our readers and clients, we urge divers to be aware.

So far, reports show that 200,000 people may be impacted in case evacuations are put in place. Prompting safety advocates and personal injury attorneys to question whether this could impact roads as well.

Many residents decided to heed to the warnings, grabbing everything they could and leaving as fast as possible. They are being urged to go to higher ground, away from the river. If the dam spills over, many roads could be flooded. And as a result, mudslides may occur as well. Drivers must be warned, considering that they might be struck or simply prohibited from taking certain routes whenever that happens.

For as long as these rains continue, drivers must be alerted across the country about the risks. Instead of ignoring reports of floods or mudslides, heed the advice coming from the authorities and stay safe. After all, your integrity and the safety of your loved ones should always come first.

When driving in wet or icy roads, remember to never speed. Speeding will increase the risk of an accident, making you and your loved ones more likely to suffer the consequences.

Until the dangers surrounding the Oroville dam have been contained, drivers should remain alert. Read the news and keep an eye out for what is going on in your surroundings. Change routes if spills are reported, and plan ahead in case of unexpected delays.

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