Ordering A Pizza? It Might Get Delivered By A Self-Driving Car

pizza self-driving car

We have been discussing the importance of auto safety technologies for a long time. After all, it’s thanks to technological development and evolution that many traffic accidents do not turn out as deadly as they could have in the past.

But as the self-driving technology advances, many companies have begun to test out the systems in very unique ways.

According to a series of news reports, Ford and Domino’s are partnering up for a research trial that will allow pizza delivery systems to run on self-driving car technologies. These trials will use Ford cars equipped with the autonomous car technology.

During the tests, the Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Cars will be in use and they will be fitted with pizza containers designed by Domino’s partner Roush Enterprises. The containers are designed to ensure pizzas stay warm and they will be fitted with screens where customers will type their delivery code so the pizza is released.

During the trial period, the vehicles will be available to random customers who order pizza for delivery in the Ann Harbor, Michigan area, a hub that has become a hot spot for self-driving technology trials.

These tests will be run for two reasons: To see how customers react and see if the company’s assumptions regarding the experience hold up in the real world.

This is an exciting time for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and anyone else who is exposed to traffic at some point in their lives. As more self-driving car technologies are developed and tested, the closer we get to a point in history where vehicles will be driving people back and forth all on their own, eliminating human error from the equation.

While we could be seeing that happening soon, we should also keep in mind that the existence of this type of technology does not eliminate the need for drivers to learn how to be safe and responsible motorists. After all, these technologies aren’t available to the public yet. And even once they are, drivers should not expect they will always be in control. You will have to take over the wheel at some point, and when that happens, you will have to be on top of your game.

To avoid accidents, drivers must keep in mind that human error alone isn’t the only risk they face.

If you’re ever involved in an auto accident caused either by a negligent driver or a negligent company that isn’t concerned about the safety of its consumers, you shouldn’t be be stuck with the medical bills afterwards, especially if you’re experiencing wage losses because of your injuries.

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