Nissan Recalls Vehicles Over Injury Hazard

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Many auto recalls are launched after accidents and injuries have taken place. This occurs because automakers act negligently, putting the safety and the well being of its consumers second to profit. In our many years of profession as personal injury attorneys, we have seen many cases and know how much pain and suffering victims go through.

Sometimes, however, automakers are responsible enough to launch a recall promptly after learning about an equipment issue. This helps to prevent accidents as the companies are doing all in their power to make sure that the vehicles are not exposing consumers to any major risks.

The latest auto recall to be reported comes from Nissan. According to the company, Nissan has recalled thousands of the Rogue SUVs. Only the 2016 and 2017 units have been impacted.

According to the company, the recalled vehicles come with recliner joints on the lower seat frames used in the rear seats that may have not been welded correctly. As a result, the seats may not be secured enough in the case of an accident and injuries will take place.

Consumers who are worried about their safety should contact Nissan if they have any worries and if they would like to obtain more information on how to have this issue addressed. But if they are comfortable with waiting, the company should be contacting impacted vehicle owners in early December. Once they reach out, consumers should heed their recommendations. Have your vehicle repaired promptly and do not wait until an accident leads to injuries for you to act.

This latest Nissan recall as well as other auto recalls should never be ignored, especially when they increase the risks of injury.

For more details on this recall, follow this link. If you have further questions or concerns, contact the manufacturer directly for more details.

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