Major Truck Accident Results In Five Deaths

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As many of you may know, truck accidents are often serious. Because of their size and volume they carry, many of these accidents end up exposing individuals to injuries. Unfortunately, some of these cases result in deadly injuries.

The latest major truck accident to have happened in California happened Tuesday in western Fresno County. Unfortunately, officials claim, at least five were killed as a result of the tragic collision.

The California Highway Patrol has announced that a Mercedes-Benz sport-utility vehicle was traveling eastbound when the driver apparently either ignored or failed to notice a stop sign. As a result, the vehicle drove right through it at the same time that a big rig was approaching the intersection. The truck did not have a stop sign.

As the big rig collided into the Mercedes vehicle, the major crash resulted in a fire, causing three people inside the Mercedes to die as a result.

Two others were pulled out of the Mercedes after the collision but they were also declared dead at the scene.

The 58-year-old truck driver was rushed to the hospital sustaining major injuries, the reports show.

The horrific truck versus car accident resulted in five deaths and one major injury.

As the CHP investigates what caused the driver to to blow through the stop sign, we learn that one of the truck’s diesel tanks rupture due to the crash. As a result, hazardous materials spilled over the road. The roads were closed for several hours for investigators and cleaning crews.

We’re terribly saddened to have learned of this tragic and preventable truck accident. We hope the injured driver is able to recover fully and we hope that the families and friends of those whose lives were lost in this tragic accident are obtaining the support they need in this time of pain.

We know difficult and painful accidents are for those involved and their loved ones. We know how much suffering people experience. And it’s because of this knowledge that we hope you may learn from this accident as much as you may learn from others.

Respecting road rules and observing posted signs helps us to avoid similar accidents and stay safe. That’s why it’s important that you and your loved ones are responsible drivers at all times.

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