Landslide Blocks Highway 50, Avoid Crashes

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Traffic remains impossible to drivers who are afraid of driving under bad weather. Despite the fact rains haven’t been reported in the past couple of days, mudslides appear to be the problem in some areas in California. Making it difficult for commuters across the Golden state.

According to a series of news reports, Highway 50 may only be opened to traffic for both east and westbound directions on Sunday. That’s due to a massive mudslide, which took place on Friday afternoon. Due to the occurrence, the eastbound traffic had to be turned around, making it nearly impossible for drivers to reach their destinations. Nevertheless, there might still be hope, since California Highway Patrol officials are expecting to have alternative routes opened again soon.

While officials believe that there might be issues removing the toe of the slope, the future concerning Highway 50 is still uncertain. Nevertheless, drivers are advised to avoid the region, keeping in mind that similar weather conditions may affect drivers in different ways. Even making crashes more likely.

And as far as those drivers who were on Highway 50 when the slide happened, patrol officers guarantee that they are all doing well, and that they were able to self-extricate in time. They were uninjured when officials arrived at the scene.

In order to ensure that the road will be ready to be opened soon, officials are working hard to clear the debris.

Whenever you’re on your way to a certain destination, make sure that the road you’re traveling on is not impacted by natural events such as harsh rains or storms. Icy, wet, and muddy roads may impact your driving significantly, causing your car to slide and crash, especially if you’re driving too fast. Avoid this scenario by ensuring that your focus is on the road and speed limits. And if the conditions are truly bad, do not be afraid to slow down even further. It may save your life.

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