Indian Recalls Motorcycles Over Crash Hazard

Every now and then, we hear about motorcycle recalls that may impact our readers and clients.

As a motorcycle rider myself, I believe that staying on top of the news regarding issues that may lead to accidents is important. In my personal injury law firm, we have helped countless riders who were involved in accidents caused by third parties that were negligent. Because motorcycle makers will sometimes ignore reports of issues and riders will be involved in accidents, it’s important that motorcycle owners are doing all they can to avoid accidents.

The latest motorcycle recall to have been reported impacts the Indian Motorcycles.

According to the reports, thousands of motorcycles are being recalled over a crash hazard.

Since the 2017 and 2018 Chief, Chief Classic, Chief Dark Horse, Chief Vintage, Chieftain, Chieftain Classic, Chieftain Dark Horse, Chieftain Elite, Chieftain Limited, Springfield, and Springfield Dark Horse motorcycles come with European-market instead of U.S.-market halogen headlight assemblies. Due to this mistake, the vehicles fail to meet U.S. federal standards for safety, and, as a result, the motorcycle’s visibility may be impacted, increasing the risk of an accident as a consequence.

Since this problem may lead to serious and even deadly consequences, the company has reported that all impacted vehicles will be inspected and any incorrect headlight assembly will be replaced entirely for free.

Indian has reported that it will be contacting impacted vehicle owners to have the issue addressed immediately. Thankfully, we haven’t learned of any serious or deadly accidents involving the recalled vehicles. Nevertheless, we urge riders with the recalled motorcycles to either wait until they get the recall notice to go to a dealer to have the issue addressed or to reach out to Indian directly to learn more about how you should proceed to have this issue addressed.

For more details on how to contact Indian, follow this link.

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