Five Children Injured, Some Seriously, In I-5 Accident

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It’s terrifying to learn that California continues to see a great number of accidents on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, traffic collisions end up being more common during the summertime, when more drivers, motorcycle riders, and others are out and about. So as a result, many of our readers end up learning about these accidents through us. It’s by blogging and discussing these collisions that many of our clients learn about the dangers associated with certain activities.

Recently, an accident involving Californians took place on the Interstate 5 just south of Highway 43.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the 36-year-old driver of a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee carrying 5 children allowed her passengers to be all seated without making sure they had their seat belts on. The children’s ages ranegd between nine and two.

While going at 70 miles per hour, the Jeep experienced tire failure. As she tried to handle the situation, the driver stepped on the brakes, causing her to lose control over the vehicle. The vehicle then rolled over, finally ending up on its side.

All children were injured as none was wearing a seat belt.

At least three of the five children sustained major injuries. The two other kids sustained minor injuries.

The tragic accident was only made more tragic when officials learned that the family had been living out of their car prior to the accident.

We are terribly saddened and heartbroken to have learned about this horrific accident. We also hope that the children injured in this collision are being able to recover fully despite their serious injuries.

Still, we would like to remind our readers that seat belts are not there just for show. Seat belts can save lives. And when it comes to children, car safety seats are essential in ensuring they will be protected in the event of an accident.

Drivers must learn about this accident and keep in mind that this serves as an example of how serious the consequences can be if you’re not making sure your passengers are buckled up and your children are correctly placed in car safety seats.

For more on this tragic accident, follow this link.

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