CHP Offers Teens Classes To Help Young Drivers Avoid Accidents

teen distracted driving crash, accident

The California Highway Patrol is often keeping an eye out for drivers who are distracted and oblivious of what is going on around them while behind the wheel. That’s why they know that, unfortunately, young and inexperienced drivers such as teens or young adults are often the most vulnerable.

Distractions are so serious that drivers who are too focused on their phones or on other activities may end up causing the driver to ignore their surroundings and what’s in front of them for miles. As a result, drivers will be more likely to crash as they will fail to respond to emergencies immediately.

Since CHP officers know just how teens can be distracted easily, officials are offering free Start Smart classes in certain areas of the state.

These classes occur often and they often cover a great deal of topics that help teens be better drivers.

During these classes, California teens learn tips to avoid collisions, as well as how to learn and maintain safe driving habits. These often involve defensive driving skills that should always be emphasized.

Teens also learn how collisions occur and what are the consequences of making poor choices while behind the wheel.

Teens are also exposed to a series of testimonies coming from people who were seriously and personally impacted by accidents caused by teen drivers. These testimonies are meant to help illustrate drivers’ responsibility for their actions at all times.

During these classes, parents are encouraged to participate along with their teenage children so they too may learn about the parental roles and responsibilities they shouldn’t run away from.

So that you and your teenage kids know exactly what could happen to them if they fail to be safe and responsible drivers, the CHP and others urge you to participate in this or similar classes.

Teen drivers must never ignore the risks associated with distraction, intoxication, and other activities such as speeding. But most importantly, teen drivers should learn the proper way to drive safely so they aren’t exposed to risks at any given time.

For more information on the Start Smart classes and what they cover, follow this link. Do not wait until your child is already out and about to enroll him or her in one of these classes.

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