5 Reasons Why Representing Yourself In A Personal Injury Case Could Backfire

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Everyone has a right to represent themselves in any kind of personal injury case, whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California. Still, the initial attractiveness of this approach may soon wane as victims realize they lack the knowledge necessary to make sure they will get the best compensation available.

Here are five reasons why, in most cases, representing yourself can actually put your case at risk of flopping — big time.

1-Missing Deadlines Will Kill Your Case

Without full knowledge of the law, victims of personal injury cases trying to represent themselves may end up ignoring the deadlines concerning the statute of limitations. While California law states that claims should be filed within two years from the date of the actual accident, the time varies for different cases.

Even if you do get the deadline correctly, there are others as your case unfolds that you may easily miss simply because you’re not being able to dedicate all your time to your personal injury case.

2-Not Proving You Weren’t Negligent Could Burn Your Chances

Some personal injury cases require more than just presenting documentation showing you were injured or that there was great damage. To prove a third party is liable in your case may also require proof that the victim was not acting negligently. For that — and other reasons — only people with thorough knowledge of the law and procedures will be able to know how to follow the rules of evidence while presenting your case. Not knowing these steps may result in unsuccessful efforts in court.

3-No Negotiation Skills? No Compensation

Personal injury attorneys know exactly what it takes to make sure the party at fault and his or her insurer aren’t trying to play the victim. For a negotiation to work well, you must know your chances of winning at trial, and you must be aware of what past settlements have given victims who went through similar incidents.

Other details are also important but few victims will be aware of these as they are not used to handling these cases on their own.

4- Not Well Versed On The Rules? Your Case May Go Nowhere

Civil procedure and evidence rules are essential if you want to win your personal injury case. Unfortunately, many may even know the rules but may not be able to use them effectively.

Under certain circumstances, the fact you do not have an attorney by your side will play in the hands of the defendant, especially if he or she is a major company.

5-Without Calculating Damages Correctly, You Don’t Know What You’re Owed

Personal injury attorneys will tell you that without proper damage calculations you are more likely to be duped into not getting what you deserve.

For you to obtain a fair compensation, you must understand what damages you’re truly entitled to. But getting a dollar figure isn’t just as easy as writing down what you’ve lost and what you’ve had to spend thanks to the injuries and damage you experienced.

With over 30 years of experience in the personal injury law field, the Nagelberg Bernard Law group knows exactly how to navigate through all of these ordeals so you don’t have to. By removing the anxiety and uncertainty associated with representing yourself in court, you also allow yourself to recover fully from the injuries you suffered while a professional makes sure you will obtain the most out of your case.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us if you’re ever in a personal injury accident. If we don’t recover what you’re owed, you don’t owe us a penny.

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